Perlindungan dan Manajemen Data


Didukung oleh teknologi Vormetric dari Thales

Mengatasi masalah keamanan dan kepatuhan yang utama dengan nilai & efisiensi yang tiada duanya

Arthatel offers unmatched value & efficiency in addressing critical security and compliance gaps. Our solution features the Thales Vormetric Data Security Platform and Entrust IdentityGuard as the premier data and identity protection platforms.

Our solution is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Data and identity protection has never been easier, cost-effective, and simple.

Data at Rest Protection

  • Vormetric Data Security Platform by Thales e-security

    Vormetric Data Security Platform (DSP) by Thales e-security is the premier solution to protect your data at rest. Simple to implement and robust in action, Vormetric DSP secures stored data, sensitive corporate or government information, back-up tapes, offsite storage disks, and prevents unwanted data alteration. Under DSP’s watchful eye, access to your databases, files, and containers is intelligently controlled and logged 24/7/365. Vormetric DSP can be deployed to secure data stored in the cloud, in virtual environments, in big data environments, and in physical storage disks.

Data in Use Protection

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    Entrust is the world’s leading PKI provider. Serving as the backbone of all things digital business, PKI provides businesses, consumers, users, and teams with the tools to ensure that all interactions are safe and secure. Entrust’s PKI protects your ecosystem by granting access only by authorized persons, devices, and apps. Entrust Authority Security Manager helps you in the long-term by simplifying management of your digital keys and certificates.

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Entrust Identity Guard offers an additional layer of protection online and mobile transactions (think tokens for online banking or one-time verification passwords). Entrust Identity Guard is flexible yet robust to protect access to private websites, VPNs, enterprise and cloud apps, portals, PCs, and many more. The platform’s centralized administration allows to add devices as your organization evolves while embracing the unlimited potential of mobile and cloud environments.

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
    • nCipher nShield General Purpose HSM

      nCipher nShield is a tamper-resistant, hardware security module that performs cryptographic functions, from encryption, code signing, to creating digital certificates. The nShield’s versatility allows it to perform seamlessly with cloud services, execute code in a secured environment, and even linked with different nShield HSM models for future-proofing your encryption needs.

    • Thales payShield 9000 Payment HSM

      Thales payShield 9000 is a hardware security module (HSM) that performs payment related processes, from PIN protection to transaction processing to payment issuance. Like the nShield General Purpose HSM, the payShield 9000 is a temper-resistant module that also delivers excellent protection demanded by ATMs and POS devices. The module features out-of-the box support for major payment applications and fully complies with international payment security standards.

Data in Motion Encryption Hardware

  • Datacryptor 5000 Series by Thales e-security

    Thales DataCryptor is a high performance platform that encrypts data in motion with near zero latency. Designed to comply with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria requirements, the Data Cryptor 5000 series can be implemented as a standalone platform or as part of the larger Vormetric Data Security Platform. The platform offers a scalable and secure solution for up to 1000 devices in your network.