Payshield 10K

Designed specifically for payment applications — The payShield 10K HSM is designed with payment processing in mind. The payShield 10K provides cryptographic services for ATMs, card issuance, and transaction processing. FIPS 140-2 certified, the payShield 10K features ready support for major payment processing applications coupled with maximum reliability and resilience.


  • Leverage Proven Integrations

    Our payment HSMs are the most widely deployed in the world and are supported by the largest number of payment application providers

  • Simplify deployment

    Our payment HSMs are capable of being securely configured, managed and monitored remotely from locations of convenience to reduce your costs and simplify your ongoing operations

  • Maximize Resilience

    Equipped with dual hot-swappable power supplies and fans, our latest HSMs significantly increase the mean time between failure (MTBF) and simplify field maintenance


  • Cryptographic Algorithms
    • DES and Triple-DES key lengths 112 & 168 bit
    • AES key lengths 128 bit, 192 bit & 256 bit
    • RSA (up to 4096 bits)
    • HMAC, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2
    • MD1
    • SHA-1
    • SHA-2
  • Financial Services Standards
    • ISO: 9564, 10118, 11568, 13491, 16609
    • ANSI: X3.92, X9.8, X9.9, X9.17, X9.19, X9.24, X9.31, X9.52, X9.97
    • ASC X9 TR-31, X9 TG-3/TR-39
    • APACS 40 & 70
  • Host Connectivity
    • TCP/IP & UDP (1Gbps) – dual ports
    • Secure Host Communications Management option for TLS authenticated sessions on Ethernet host port
  • Security Certifications
    • FIPS 140-2 level 3 (security sub-system) in progress
    • PCI HSM V3 (selected software only)

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