Data-at-rest protection and management through Vormetric Transparent Encryption


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Addressing critical security and compliance gaps at unmatched value & efficiency

Does your business need to address a compliance requirement? Do you need security against data breaches and leaks? Are you looking to increase customer confidence and trust? Do you want to protect your company from misused data and isolate data of different owners on shared servers?

Our Vormetric Data Security Solution is the answer to data protection problems across a range of industries and use cases. We protect data-at-rest with encryption, access controls and also intelligent log data that is around access to encrypted data. Security breaches and leaks will cost your company immeasurable loss of revenue and value. The Vormetric Data Security Platform is the industry leader in security solutions against such breaches and leaks.

Consult with us to ensure top-notch security at its most efficient and effective.


  • Central management of keys and policy
  • Virtual and physical appliances
  • High-availability with cluster
  • Multi-tenant and strong separation of duties
  • Proven 10,000+ device and key management scale
  • Web, Command-Line Interface (CLI), Application Programming Interface (API) interface
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validated, Level 3 available
  • Common Criteria validated