Our hardware security modules provide encryption key protection to help healthcare enterprises reduce the risks associated with holding patient data. Our flexible HSMs help strengthen organizational security and compliance postures, and mitigate the risk of a breach of valuable medical records.


  • Compliant Protection of Structured and Unstructured Data

    Healthcare institutions typically store and process multiple kinds of healthcare data, ranging from images and emails to medical records and payment information. This healthcare data, much of which is subject to HIPAA compliance or other privacy mandates, is stored on multiple devices, runs on multiple operating systems and is accessed by multiple users in multiple places.

  • Users Who Need Immediate, Reliable Access to Data

    Given the often urgent nature of the healthcare environment, users require immediate access to healthcare data across a range of devices and applications. IT security managers are tasked with ensuring that clinicians, researchers and patients themselves can access medical records, with no degradation in system performance.

  • Expanding Threat Landscape

    Medical records are worth 10 times the value of a stolen credit card number. As attackers increase their sophistication, healthcare organizations must bolster their healthcare data security and compliance efforts. The unprecedented sharing of healthcare data across clinical applications, devices and facilities expands the potential surface attack area - and the security manager's challenges.


  • Healthcare Data Encryption

    Encryption and key management solutions from Thales eSecurity provide healthcare institutions with a single extensible framework for protecting both structured and unstructured healthcare data under the diverse requirements of healthcare institutions, across the broadest range of OS platforms, databases, cloud environments and big data implementations. Rendering patient data unusable to attackers improves your compliance with data privacy mandates.

  • No Degradation of System Performance

    Our customers typically report no perceptible performance impact and the Live Data Transformation option for Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers industry-leading availability, resiliency and efficiency. With this option, a database or file system can be used normally, including powerful access control and logging capabilities, while it is undergoing encryption.
  • Strong User Access Controls

    We provide healthcare institutions with the comprehensive, robust and granular controls they need to guard against the abuse of privileged user access. Through the Vormetric Data Security Platform's centralized policy and key management, customers can address security policies and compliance mandates across databases, files and big data nodes. And Thales can help you create high-assurance systems to authenticate employees using internal systems, and a variety of connected devices accessing the network.

  • Encryption Key Management

    nCipher hardware security modules provide healthcare institutions a high-assurance root of trust to protect the keys underpinning encrypted medical records, both on-premises and in the cloud. Safeguarding the keys renders patient data unusable to attackers and improves your compliance with data privacy mandates.

  • Strong User Authentication

    nCipher HSMs can help you create high-assurance systems to authenticate employees using internal systems, and a variety of connected devices accessing the network.


  • Protect Organizational Reputation and Revenues

    Data breaches at healthcare organizations have increased operating costs and impacted executive careers from IT to the C-suite, but perhaps the greatest damage is to the long-term reputation (and long-term revenue potential) of the breached organization. Establishing a strong security and compliance posture helps defend the healthcare enterprise against negative reputational and financial impact.

  • Improve Compliance with HIPAA-HITECH, PCI DSS and More

    Data privacy mandates specify that organizations that store and process patient data - and other personally identifiable information - must protect it against theft or other loss. The Vormetric Data Security Platform from Thales eSecurity helps organizations meet HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH compliance requirements transparently - without changes to operational processes and the daily work of healthcare professionals.

  • Render Patient Records Unusable to Attackers

    Attackers are motivated by the black market value of patient medical records. However, with Thales eSecurity’s data encryption solutions in place, attackers will find only a jumble of ciphertext in place of patient data.

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