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BankTech Asia - Jakarta 2017

A Look at Innovations in Payment Processing at the 9th BankTech Asia 2017

Jakarta – BankTech Asia, premier conference and exhibition on banking technology and fintech, held its second Jakarta conference on 22-23 November 2017. In this round, the conference discussed topics from artificial intelligence in banking to cross border remittances. As one of the conference’s Gold Sponsor, Arthatel was given the privilege to feature Jiro Shindo, an expert in encryption and key management products.

Jiro’s talk, entitled “Innovation & Security in Payments – A Global Perspective,” showed that the unprecedented fintech expansion in recent years was driven by mobile usage and enabled by innovations in payment processing. Where banks require consumers to use traditional processing methods, new players in the domain offer easier and secure alternatives towards frictionless transactions. This development compels banks to adopt the emergent technologies.

Arthatel and Thales offer frictionless payment processing for both banks and new payment processors. Through Thales payShield series Hardware Security Module (HSM), real-time payments are backed with superior security and protection against financial information theft. The module features out-of-the box support for major payment applications and fully complies with international payment security standards.

  • Sheraton Gandaria City Jakarta
  • Nov 22, 2017, 08:00 - 17:00