About Arthatel

  • Which areas that can be reached by Arthatel?

Arthatel provides services to you in all over Indonesia. For more information about the Point of Presences (PoP) distribution and our customers, see Area Coverage page.

  • Does Arthatel provide after-sales services?

Arthatel provides 24/7 helpdesk support as our commitment in providing the best service quality.

  • What are the products and services that Arthatel provides?

Arthatel collaborates with Thales e-Security + Vormetric and EnTrust to provide the best data protection solutions for many companies. We also have Internet products and services, leased line, Internet Protocol (IP) public, web and domain hosting, managed service and the best Information Technology (IT) professionals. At Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)'s premium commercial area, we provide Triple Play services (Cable TV, Telephone and Internet) for all buildings and apartments.

  • What does Arthatel use for media delivery?

Arthatel has fiber optic network in Jakarta and other areas. We also use wireless radio media to deliver our products and services.

  • Does Arthatel have data center?

Yes. Our data center is located in SCBD and Cyber 1 building.

  • How do i subcribe to Arthatel?

For subscribing, you can contact our call center in (021) 255-25100. You can also contact our nearest PoP office, which can be found in Contact page.