Connect outlets to your head office with a private integrated retail network


Delivering value to retail enterprises

Downtime costs retail businesses significant value. Arthatel’s retail solutions can help you manage and monitor your retail network ensuring your business is operational and online when you need it to be. We offer scalable managed Information Technology (IT) support and call center platform services so you can be hassle-free and focus on your core business.

Our Retail Solutions can equip your business with:

  • Internet connection services and 24 hour monitoring
  • Services status by email Notification
  • An internet hotspot system
  • Network devices and operation hardware
  • Active device installation & configuration
  • Internet traffic reports & graphs
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • Remote or dedicated on-site IT engineer support



Private network and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology

Single point of contact for network and hardware support

Support for future content development

Leased equipment and hardware backup on-site support


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