Put guests first with Arthatel’s flexible hospitality solutions


Build reliable Information Technology (IT) Solutions for your Property

Arthatel’s hospitality solutions help you drive efficiency in both internal back-office functions and guest-facing services.

Your guests expect a superb service from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That service is made possible through an intergrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system that has to be online and secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Arthatel guarantees this assurance by providing, simplifying and supporting hospitality solution systems that allow your property to deliver and exceed the level of service excellence that your guests demand.

We can design and install a customized network infrastructure for smooth back of house operations. To ensure reliable internet services at your property, Arthatel interfaces Kiwire hotspot technology with your Property Management System (PMS) to create a unique and personalised connectivity experience. Another reputed guest-facing service is our all-in media platform that is powered by Vodoke.

Arthatel can also provide managed IT services through on-site and hotline support. Our team will provide IT support for guests and networks and regularly monitor WiFi access and activities. We even check Trip Advisor for connectvity complaints.

Consult Arthatel for innovative solutions for your next property or property upgrade.


Summary of hospitality services :
  • Internet Services for Hotel guests and Back of House

  • Network Infrastructure Services

  • Integrated Hotspot Internet System : Guests access WiFi through a dynamic login page that advertises hotel promotions, personal guest details and other customisable content.

  • On-site Technical Support

  • Cloud Server Backup Services: Enjoy monthly subscription to Arthatel’s cloud server for a seamless backup of your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS)



Professional, reliable and integrated end-to-end IT Services

Continued exposure to new hotel solutions

24/7 IT support and network monitoring

Focus on your hospitality operations while we handle IT services