Entrust Strong Authentication


Securing access — Entrust authentication-as-a-service features strong authentication services for B2E, B2B, B2C use cases. Entrust’s strong authentication is ideal to protect access to private websites, VPNs, enterprise and cloud apps, portals, PCs, and many more.

Quick to deploy and easy to use, Entrust helps your business navigate the digital seas by enabling you to respond quickly to statutory requirements while maintaining the highest level of security and easy user engagement. With our software based authentication (Entrust IdentityGuard) you could create trusted environtment or develop two factor authentication (2FA) to bridging you to emerging technologies for strong mobility, improve online transactions security and identity authentication.

We provide widest range of authenticatorson the market:

  • Strong Username & Password
  • Device Authentication
  • SMS Tokens
  • Mobile Soft Tokens
  • Transaction Verification
  • QR Code
  • Mobile Device Certificates
  • Mobile Smart Credentials
  • Smartcards and USB
  • Transaction signing
  • Biometrics
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication
  • One-Time-Passcode (OTP) Tokens
  • Grid/eGrid
  • Digital certificates
  • IP-Geolocation
  • Mutual Authentication


  • Drive Digital Transformation

    The greatest value of an authentication portfolio is the ability to unleash the full productivity and innovation of an enterprise — while protecting what’s most important. Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution is a true digital business accelerator

  • Move Beyond the Pain & Risk of Passwords

    Passwords can no longer be trusted as the only form of protection for your business. Not only are they easy to compromise, but the manner in which people manage them makes them more vulnerable. Our solution allows you to move past passwords to a more secure approach that fits with the way people like to work

  • Invest Wisely, Invest Once

    Our authentication platform provides a single management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users and devices — across a broad range of use cases. While you may only have one need today, our solution will grow with you as those needs change

  • Identity-Based Security Solutions for All of Your Use Cases

    Provide secure access to all of your cloud and legacy apps, for all users — employees, contractors, partners, vendors and customers

  • Streamlined Access for Authorized Users

    Mobile-enabled authentication allows users to access networks and buildings, collaborate with peers and communicate securely — using the devices they carry today. Our solution offers strong security and ensures high accessibility for authorized users

  • Reduce It Costs & Complexity

    Leveraging mobile eliminates the need to purchase dedicated and often costly hardware tokens, and simplifies user provisioning and management as users already know how to download and update mobile applications. The broad range of Entrust Datacard self-service features makes enrollment and activation easy


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