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IT Hotel Bali Gathering

Arthatel IT Bali Gathering was held in conjunction with Asosiasi Professional IT Bali – a social organizations that connects residing IT professionals on the island. Asosiasi Professional IT Bali is a reputed organization with a philosphy to educate, connect and improve the relevant IT and managerial skills of each member.

The gathering was held to promote brand awareness of Arthatel in Indonesia’a leading tourist destination particularly in the hospitality industry. Attended by over 70 participants, including small hotel owners, hotel managers and IT experts, Arthatel unveiled its range of servies and solutions. Products from Telkom Malay were also introduced.

The event was covered by MPG Media and publications such as Baccarat, Augustman and HWM magazines. After the welcome note and press conference, dinner was hoted at a beach-front venue to backdrop of  Balinese dances and jazz music. There were also door prizes and photo sharing for particpants.

  • Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Kuta Bali
  • Nov 04, 2016, 09:00 - 17:00