Manage your business the smart way with Arthatel's cloud computing services

Cloud computing is a game-changing and relevant IT (Information Technology) solution that gives enterprises greater agility in an increasingly competitive and global business landscape.

At Arthatel we offer both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) services and a Cloud Server Backup Service.

IaaS allows your business to outsource storage and data and build a “virtual data center” in the cloud via Arthatel and have access to many of the same technologies and resource capabilities of a traditional data center without having to invest in capacity planning or the physical maintenance and management of it.

SaaS moves the task of managing specific software and its deployment to Arthatel. We are tied up with Zimbra to provide enterprise-class email collaboration at its most efficient and secured. Our cloud video conference solution is flexible, reliable and secured to accomadate the interests of growing businesses.

All of our solutions can be tailored to your unique business requirements and coupled with our robust IT support team, we ensure your business can generate greater value and efficiency from cloud technology.


Summary of services we offer include:
  • IaaS Cloud Server: Cut costs on hardware and infrastructure and expand your business’ IT capacity.

  • SaaS Cloud Server: Includes the advanced Zimbra cloud email server and cloud video conferencing.

  • Cloud Server Backup: Scalable, secured and reliable backup service that is bolstered by our efficient disaster-recovery centre.