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A probe to detect and counter cyberattacks

By: root, JAN 04, 2018

In this globalised and interconnected world, it is inevitable that governments and companies manage and maintain strategically important infrastructure. Thales helps protect such infrastructure from cyberattacks using a probe that employs heuristics from previously identified attacks to prevent future assaults.

As is the case in France, critical infrastructure is defined as “public or private operators running facilities or using installations or structures which if unavailable could significantly reduce the nation’s economic capacity and ability to wage war, its security and its survivability”. The sweepingly broad definition covers a variety of industries and activities, from the country’s national grid, nuclear stations, telecommunications, to financial systems. Any cyberattack, let alone physical assault, on these facilities could lead to catastrophic consequences. These companies and government agencies ensures the country’s stability. Critical as they are, they are prime targets for cyberattacks.

France’s Military Planning Bill 2014-2019 requires statutory protection for such infrastructure by 2019. While many companies and government agencies are in compliance with current regulations, the ever-evolving nature of cyberattacks and advancements in technology requires them to be vigilant. Governments and companies must be one step ahead of their potential attackers.

Protecting Vital Systems

Keeping up with current cyberattack trends, Thales works with critical infrastructure providers to secure their systems and critical data. Thales’ cybersecurity specialists have developed a trusted probe that offers round-the-clock traffic monitoring at every points of contact between the information systems and outside networks. The powerful and adaptable probe is able to quickly detect and counter known attacks and flag suspicious network activity in the system. Human-backed artificial intelligence offers a second layer of real-time protection against anomalies, alerting operators and learning from their responses. This way, the probe learns the attack’s patterns and its countermeasures.



  • Permanently updated library of known attack signatures
  • Behavioural algorithms to detect suspicious activity
  • Modular architecture for guaranteed adaptability and scalability
  • Managed internally or by Thales
  • Available for different network throughputs to optimise budget efficiency
  • Meets the requirements of France's Military Planning Bill


A French Solution from a Trusted Partner

Regardless of who the perpetrators are, it is unavoidable that cyberattacks is and will be more widespread. Thales, a trusted partner for providers of France’s critical national infrastructure, is going all-out to detect and counter cyberattacks against the nation’s interests.

Thales’ trusted probe provides passive and active protection. It identifies known attacks and detects potentially malicious activity that might indicate new attack techniques. Thales’ solution may change the cybersecurity landscape: having an intelligent counter-offensive solution that’s effective if and when new attacks emerge. Thales trust probe works for both government and company-owned infrastructure, providing a blanket protection against cyberattacks.